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Who We Are

Beverlywood Estates

Beverlywood Estates was founded in 1977. We are a Full Service Corporation with Real Estate, Mortgage Banking Groups, and a Certified Escrow Division. What also distinguishes us from the rest is that we are a Designated Fine Homes & Estates Company. Our Company has grown to become one of the Most Professional Firms in the Los Angeles Area. Real Estate Magazine has named Beverlywood Estates as an EXCELLENT Residential Broker in the United States.

Being on the cutting edge of technology has helped us achieve this level of success. Potential customers are predisposed to the name we represent, it is not just a name they know, but a name they trust. Our goal is unmatched quality service to our customers for nearly 45 years. People across Los Angeles County have turned to us for help to buy, sell, refinance, and/or Relocate their families.

Our team of experienced Real Estate Professionals has consistently provided quality service worthy of special recognition. Continuous hard work and dedication to our clients have allowed us to remain at this level of competition. Communication between the sales agent and the client is of the utmost importance. Every successful transaction takes organization, a strong system, an excellent support staff, and a dedication of the utmost in quality service.

What makes us different? At Beverlywood Estates, the customer always comes first. Our complete commitment to this philosophy is what has made Beverlywood Estates such a powerful force in the real estate industry.

Meet the Staff of Beverlywood Estates

Name Position Email Address
Stanley Shapiro President stanley(at)beverlywoodestates(dotted)com
Jerald Shapiro Vice President jerry(at)beverlywoodestates(dotted)com
Cheryl Shapiro Vice President, Escrow Div. Director; Relocation cheryl(at)beverlywoodestates(dotted)com

Our Agents

Name Email Address
Azita Tahsini, Senior Staff, Notary azitat(at)sbcglobal(dotted)net
Babette Ray agentbabette(at)netzero(dotted)net
Darlene Henderson darlene(at)beverlywoodestates(dotted)com
Francisco Belloso, Senior Staff fgbelloso(at)gmail(dotted)com
Judith Bershak, Senior Staff judithbershak(at)yahoo(dotted)com
Patty Paiz pattypaiz13(at)gmail(dotted)com
Sheila Trivedi, Senior Staff, Notary sheilat39(at)hotmail(dotted)com
Shelley Burke, Senior Staff burke(at)beverlywoodestates(dotted)com
Steven Rood, Senior Staff StevenRood(at)mac(dotted)com
Sylvia Ashley, Senior Staff sylvia(at)beverlywoodestates(dotted)com

Join the Winning Team!

Corporate Offices

2800 South Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

Corporate Office:

FAX 310.839.6657
FAX 310.559.4431

Relocation & Corporate Office:

Relocation / REO Div. Website:
Corporate Offices E-mail: stanley(at)beverlywoodestates(dotted)com

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