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Who Sells Your Home

The most common misconception regarding the sale of a home is who, or what sells the property. Advertising seems the obvious answer. After all, it has high visibility and certainly costs a lot. But only a small percentage of home sales result directly from signs, ads, and open houses. The vast majority of sales occur due to the careful work of real estate agents. With hundreds of properties on the market at any given time, finding the right home can be like hunting a needle in a haystack.

Home buyers who call regarding an ad in the newspaper or a sign more often than not purchase a different home. It is the real estate agent’s job to assess the homebuyers desires carefully and wants – in order to match them up with the right home out of the multitude available.

In order to do this the home buyer must cooperate with the agent. By finding a reliable agent they trust, buyers gain the best access possible to the homes currently for sale. Some properties are not advertised regularly, have no yard sign, or are in desirable but out-of-the-way neighborhoods, yet could be the perfect home.

Most properties are actually sold by agents other than the listing agent! Does this mean the listing agent doesn’t do anything? Hardly. The listing agent’s most important job is to create interest in the property amongst all the other agents in the marketplace.

If the property is competitively priced, easily accessible to homebuyer showings, and well exposed to the marketplace and agent community, the listing agent, and the home seller will have done their job well.

The reward will come in the form of strong purchase offers from well-qualified buyers, leading to a successfully closed escrow.

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